Thursday, November 18, 2010

" Here's the hard truth: When we say yes to something, we say no to something else. We don't have an infinite amount of space and time, all comes down to what you want(emphasis mine) and making very intentional choices. I made my intentional choice: After three years, I'm putting my career ahead of my daughter, at least for a little while. Because balance is just a myth; choices are reality."

I read this quote today and it made my heart sad. It was written by a mother who said she wishes she could have it all, career, family, and lavish living. She recognized she can't have it all so she has chosen. How very sad. Some women have to work outside the home, I totally understand that. However, keeping up with the Joneses is far from a need. The reality is we do what we value. Sadly I think this mother will realize in 20 years that what she values is meaningless and what really matters will be off to college.

Whoever you are, dear reader, intentionally choose today to do what matters for eternity.