Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do I wake them? I know, if they went to "school" they would have been up and gone hours ago. I do this mind arguing often. Fighting the mind battle between what I grew up with and think of as "normal" and being the lead apologist for alternative education. I know the discipline of routine and schedule will have to be established, but when they are young don't they sleep because they need it? Then of course enter my flesh to compound the argument. It's kinda nice to be a homeschooling Mom and find yourself in a quiet house with devotions done, mile walked, and a quiet breakfast shared with hubby all before 9:25am. So I wonder...do I wake them? I will confess it is RARE that my boys sleep this late(and yes I checked to make sure they are breathing). So for now, I'm going to let the worry go and enjoy these few moments of quiet.
I've read/am reading two really great books lately that have been perspective changers for me(I love a book that does that). One is a parenting book by Matt Friedeman entitled Discipleship in the Home. This book is unlike any other parenting book I've read because it is so forward thinking. Most of the books I've read would fit into one of two categories. 1. Practical. The how-to kind of books. How to get your baby to sleep through the night. How to train your child to first time obedience. 2. Philosophical. The worldview kind of books. Why you want your child to obey the first time. Why it is important that your motive be right when you are disciplining. What are you thinking and how are you going to teach them to think. Every book I've ever read in either category has helped me to be a better mommy. I need both kinds. But "Discipleship in the Home" has helped me to be more goal oriented. Matt and I know what goals we are shooting for in general, but we've never really sat down and written those goals out. And not only written them out, but then written a plan to implement them. We are in the process of making our "Age 18 List" and it's been a good thought provoking task for us.

Probably the greatest help this book has been for us is in being more positive. I've always thought of myself as a glass half-full kind of gal, but not so when it has come to my kiddos. Because Matt and I are so serious about the task of training our boys(as we should be), we often fail to see the progress made. I so quickly hear and see attitudes and actions that fall short, but days of great attitudes and actions go by and I hardly notice, because that's how it is "supposed to be". Mind you this is wrong, I'm not condoning my actions here, I'm just being honest about my own "falling short". And so this book helped me to recognize that. And just as we address issues of wrong attitudes and actions in our boys, we are addressing them in ourselves. This book has helped me to see that I need to praise more. I need to notice the days of sweet obedience and kindness in play. I need to praise the hard work and good effort and ignore some mistakes. As I do, I see my boys open like flowers in the sunshine, basking in the warmth of our smiles. And so this book is one of my new favorites. As with any book I read, I don't agree with every jot and tittle, but overall this book has changed me and I love a book that helps me to conform into the image of my Abba.

I'll wait for another post to share how the book I am currently reading is changing me. My oldest is up and is reading his latest issue of Ranger Rick and he must share the fascinating facts about 'possums with his Mommy. Did you know a "Mommy possum actually eats snakes, insects, earthworms and slugs"? :)