Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Josiah and David

Since Josiah is not the "exhibitionist" his brother is I don't have opportunity to post video of him as often as I do of Micah. However, I know there are family members out there who would like to hear from Siah too. So I asked Josiah to play a few of his violin songs for Nanny(don't worry, I won't post them all). Enjoy Mom!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Of Entrepreneurers, Miss Austen, and Salsa

What is a mother to do? I do so long to encourage creativity, perseverance, and entrepreneurealship in my offspring, but alas where does one draw the line? Our boys have oft times come to the door with one scheme or another on how to build a machine, earn money, or trap an animal. I find myself saying again and again, "Actually guys that won't work because......." I grow tired of being the discourager of their far-fetched dreams. So I try to encourage and think of ways to make their schemes reality...when I can. But before you judge me too harshly let me share a few of the schemes I've had to decline.

The boys came to the door the other day and asked for two bedrooms, two beds and an organ. They were building the Swiss Family Robinson's tree house and needed these items. I logically told them that it was impossible to send out such large items. Micah replied, "Okay, we'll just take the Clavanova."

Just a few days ago Micah opened the door and asked for money. I asked why they needed money. Micah replied that they were going exploring and needed funding. I declined the request and he promptly said, "OK, but we won't be able to discover gold and bring it home to you." None-the-less I am NOT Queen Isabella and they can fund their own excursions. This leads to my present quandary. They took me at my word and decided to earn money on their own. They promptly went to the woods, collected fallen branches and set up a table at the end of our driveway so they could sell their "firewood". The real dilemma is that our drive is off of a private drive, the only people who drive by the "wood stand" are our neighbors and their friends. Our boys stand at the side of the driveway and flag these dear people down and then sell "firewood" at the insane price of $1.00 a piece. They've made $4.50 so far. The $.50 was from a dear neighbor who didn't have a full dollar with him and begged to get a small piece of wood for half-price. We've told the boys they may not "hit up" the same person twice, but I still question whether we should let them "hit up" anyone at all. Then again, they are working to collect the wood and becoming quite the little salesmen. Then again, our dear neighbors are buying goods they need not, simply out of compassion. These photos are of our friend Joy. She kindly came by Saturday and bought 2 pieces of wood.

Well the DQ club is still in full swing. We read Pilgrims Progress this summer, but were too busy to actually meet and discuss it. We are currently reading Gulliver's Travels. This is an interesting book full of political satire. In fact, it confirms my belief that we can learn a lot from history. If one did not know that this book was written in 1726 one could oft times easily believe they were reading a political analysis of our current political condition here in the US. While Gulliver has been MUCH easier to read then DQ, I am looking forward to moving on. Miss Austen's Pride and Prejudice is next. I had a credit on my simplyaudiobooks.com account, so I uploaded the unabridged version of Pride and Prejudice. I have never read Austen as I assumed she only wrote romance and as this is not my favorite genre of literature I was not interested. After listening to the book, I am a confirmed Austen fan. The story line is gripping, the historical content and cultural information is fascinating and the language is inspiring. The movie does NOT do the book justice. So run out and get a copy of Pride and Prejudice, it's worth the read.
Many irons have been in the fire around here of late, thus the lack of attention to my blog. With Fall here, life is slowing just a bit. Several weeks ago my Mom visited and helped me "put up" several quarts of tomatoes and corn, make salsa, freeze green beans and she also made two batches of strawberry jam. Yummo! It was so wonderful to have Mom here. She is truly a dear friend. Added to that she was a ready and willing built-in babysitter and kept the wash machine humming and the laundry folded. Boy do I miss her. :)

This photo is of Mom and the boys shucking corn.

Tonight at church we start practice for our annual Christmas Drama. This year we separated into two groups as we have close to 25 children/young people participating. We like to be sure everyone has a part and finding a script with 25 characters is difficult to say the least. Becca and I are directing the older kids drama and are excited about the fun of working with them. They are such talented young people and are all such a joy to be with. We are doing the play, "Christmas Comes to Detroit Louie". I know in 1990 the HS Academy did this play. If any of you who participated in that have an extra copy of the video sitting around that I could borrow or if you want to make a copy I'd be glad to pay for it. I think it would be really helpful to have our kids watch it.
Well, Josiah is done with handwriting and Math and as these are the only subjects I can give him to do without my assistance I must needs fly.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bedtime Song

Micah wanted to sing me a bedtime song tonight, I was so entertained I asked him if he would sing it again so I could video it. I thought the sage advice he gives in the song are words to live by. Enjoy and sleep tight.