Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Ice Storm

We kept hearing threats of debilitating ice and snow. To be honest, I wasn't worried, we don't normally get anything too scary around here(Ok, so we have had an occasional tornado and just one or two earth quakes in the 12+ years I've lived here). Our boys were pumped though. The idea of "roughing it" with the electricity off would be a real adventure. So everything became exciting...even making bread.
Monday night Josiah said, "Don't you think we ought to get candles and flashlights ready?" We were impressed with his forward thinking....a skill he clearly did not inherit from his parents(as we sat around reading and such on a cold evening). With permission and a pat on the head he and his brother were off to scour the house for all artificial lighting and they had serious discussions on the best placement for each candle and flashlight.
You can only imagine the disappoint when on Tuesday morning they awoke to a warm lighted house. I think the exact words were, WHAT? Why are the lights still on?" :) I assured them that freezing rain was forecasted for the whole day.

The day went as usual and we got our freezing rain. I know it damages so many things. I know it's dangerous. I know it is inconvenient for commerce. But oh it is so pretty to look out on our woods covered in a layer of sparkling ice. Pictures just do not do it justice. Even our dead ugly landscape looked prettier.
Around 8pm we were all snuggled in our bed watching a movie on Netflix when the power went out. Pure delight, mixed with the realization that without power we can't watch the end of Jack in the beanstalk, filled our boys . :) So they camped out in our room and we piled on the blankets, we were sure we'd be warm enough til morning. And we were.
All Wednesday and a good deal of Thursday(power was restored around 4:30pm on Thursday) we stayed at our dear friends/neighbors who have a generator so we didn't freeze or rough it too long. We were able to get school done and enjoyed visiting with Keith and Rachel. Even school seems more exciting when you change locations and have an in-house accompanist for violin practice.
The snow came after the ice and made the pretty woods, absolutely breath-takingly beautiful. Thursday night the boys started feeling badly(perhaps all the excitement?) and Friday we actually took a day off of school so they could recover. Fortunately, Saturday they were much better, so we took the opportunity to get out and enjoy the very slick hills. There are no photos of me, but I want it to go on record that I did go down the hill several times and on my last time down, I tried out the snow ramp we built at the bottom of the hill! Note to self: sledding down an ice covered hill and hitting a snow obstacle at a high rate of speed at your age is not the wisest plan of action....even if your kids are impressed and giggle heartily at your flailing limbs and screams of terror.

A brave man...I did not go head first!