Monday, January 23, 2012

Violins for Sale

My boys keep growing out of their violins!! I really feel like I've been ripped off a bit, because my plan was to have Micah use Josiah's old violins, thus getting double the use out of each purchase. Unfortunately, Micah has decided to give his big brother a run for his money on the whole growing thing. Therefore, we now have the equivalent of twins. Their clothes are the same size and they will have the same size violins....not fair!! OK, so I'm pouting and you're really not interested in my whining. I promise I'll hush now. :)

So, if you've ever had to buy a violin you will know it is similar to buying a used car. According to the salesman, if you are buying a violin, it is such a wonderful sounding instrument and all the dings and nicks give it character. Of course, 6 months later when you try to sell the same violin back to the nice man, he tells you that small violins never have a very good sound and yours isn't worth much! I'm a terrible haggler, and so I really don't play the buying game very well. I've been blessed in that we've bought our violins up to this point from a friend. She's told us honestly what they paid and we've given them a fair price based on what they paid. Now that the boys are in the same size(I might bitterly add a whine here...but, I won't), we have started to have to rent one for a boy and buy the other from the said friend.

Ok so why did I tell you all this? I really have no clue. I have these moments and usually don't post them...part of getting old I think. Oh, look there goes the pretty pink pony. Oh yes, I did have a point. We have two violins to sell. I'd much rather just sell them to a cyber-friend, then deal with the used car I mean knowledgeable violin dealers. So I'm trying my blog and facebook first.

Here is "Goliath"(we are keeping "David" and "Samson" since they were the boy's first violins)
Goliath is a 1/8 size violin. The inside of the violin reads as follows: Florea Modela Oradea Series 3618704 Made in China 2003 We are selling the whole outfit. Violin, bow and case for $50 plus shipping costs, or you can pick it up if you'd like.

Our next lot is "Paul". Paul is a very nice sounding 1/4 size violin. The inside of the violin reads as follows: Peccard Model : V-8 Copy of Antonio Stradivari West Coast String Instruments Anno 2003 We have papers for the outfit that estimates the violin's value at $850 and the bow's value at $300. We didn't pay close to that and the used car I mean experts, valued the whole outfit for less than that as well. We are selling the whole outfit; violin, bow and case for $400 plus the cost of shipping(by the way the bow is is an E. Guasti).

I'm happy to upload a video of each violin being played if you'd like to get an idea of the sound. Just email me at for that info or to contact me to make purchase.

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl - the school rents violins from a wonderful Christian man in another state and when Kaitlyn was playing violin he is all we used. We rented (always with the option to buy) and then we could go up in sizes as needed. If you rent year round then you can apply the rent money to a purchase anytime you are ready. I know those details are incredibly precise *cough, cough* but if you call the school (still 772-546-5534) and ask for the Academy office they could give you his name and number. With your growing boys sounds like it might be just the thing!

Mary Ellen